No other business council offers as many benefits as the US | NZ Council.  Our members are:

  • INFLUENTIAL  –  we regularly engage high-level US and NZ leaders, and advocate for policy positions on key business issues, like TPP.
  • INFORMED  –  we provide the most timely news, insight and analysis into what’s happening in Washington and Wellington.
  • INVESTED  –  a portion of annual dues supports the rebuilding of Christchurch and our US-NZ Congressional Internship Program on Capitol Hill.

Benefits for regular members include:

1)    Monthly policy discussions with US and NZ government and business leaders

2)    Invitations to exclusive Council lunches, dinners, receptions and cultural events, including a meeting with NZ Ambassador Mike Moore and his staff

3)    A complimentary registration to participate in the Pacific Partnership Forums, an executive-level two-day policy event that alternate between the US and NZ

4)    Weekly updates on TPP issues, and other US-NZ and regional news

Benefits for Board members include the following additional advantages:

1)    A seat on the Council’s Board, with a voice on all policy and governance matters

2)    Invitations to exclusive Board events and briefings by US and NZ officials

3)    Opportunities to sponsor (for you and a select number of guests) a special Council event tailored to your area of interest

4)    A second complimentary registration to participate in the Pacific Partnership Forums

5)    Space on the Council’s homepage to post your organization’s video or statement

6)    Reciprocal access to the NZUS Council’s network of resources in New Zealand


Membership Options:

Regular Membership

  • One-Year Regular Membership: $5,000

Board Membership

  •  One-Year Board Membership: $10,000

To Join:

Please call the US | NZ Council at (202) 638-8601 or send inquires to