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2012 – 2013 Events

During the past several months, the US | NZ Council has hosted more than a dozen events. Additionally, the Council sponsored or participated in three major conferences or TPP meetings, two of which were in New Zealand.

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Breakfast with Rt. Hon. David Carter, Speaker of the NZ Parliament
(October 2013)


On Wednesday, October 30, the US | NZ Council hosted a breakfast with Speaker of the NZ Parliament Rt. Hon. David Carter. Speaker Carter spoke about the political and economic climate of New Zealand, as well as the varying views of the National, Labor, and Green Parties. He also discussed the importance of TPP and how different groups within the NZ Parliament are likely to judge a successful agreement. Finally, Speaker Carter shared with the Council his thoughts about New Zealand’s global leadership on agricultural trade, including food safety, security and efficiencies.

Bill Maroni welcomed more than 40 attendees, including NZ Ambassador Mike Moore, former USTR and Agriculture Secretary Clayton Yeutter, Representative Robert Walker, former ITC Commissioner Thelma Askey, ECAT President Cal Cohen, State Dept. official Lynda Hinds, and representatives from Oracle, Lockheed Martin, Fonterra, Beef + Lamb NZ, the U.S. Chamber, National Foreign Trade Council, CSIS, and the Congressional Research Service.

Members of the US | NZ Council voiced their views on the importance of cross-border data flows, intellectual property protection, and a TPP agreement that addresses both old and new barriers to trade.

In closing, Speaker Carter expressed his gratitude to the Council for its fundraising efforts toward the rebuilding of Christchurch, which is his home. Several Council members in attendance had been in Christchurch during the 2011 earthquake.

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Dinner with the Hon. Amy Adams, Minister for Communication & Information Technology
(September 2013)

min amy adams

On her first visit to Washington, Hon. Amy Adams, New Zealand’s Minister for Communications & Information Technology, was the guest of the United States | New Zealand Council at a private dinner on September 5. Minister Adams, along with NZ Ambassador Mike Moore, participated in a wide-ranging discussion about information and communication technology issues, including trade policy, with representatives from six global companies.

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United States | New Zealand Council’s Pacific Partnership Forum
(May 2013)

Highlights of the PPF

The 2013 Pacific Partnership Forum was a three-day, unmitigated success in building upon the newly revitalized US-NZ relationship that, in today’s international climate, is of a great priority to both nations. The Forum was designed with a focus on the common, future-looking heritage of both the U.S. and New Zealand, each progressive leaders in their own right on the international stage. The event brought together the largest number of leaders from sectors across government, business, and academia to help define, develop and deliver the next bilateral agenda to be pursued for the mutual benefit of both countries.

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NZ Trade Minister Groser
(March 2013)

Hon. Tim Groser, NZ Minister for Trade and Climate Change Issues, delivered a speech on the subject of “Regional Trade Agreements: Implications for the WTO”.The event was hosted by the US | NZ Council and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

Groser 3-25 26


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Introduction of First US-NZ Congressional Interns
(January 2013)

Breakfast and Presentations

breakfast and presentation

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Meet the 2012 – 2013 NZ Interns

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15th Round of TPP Negotiations in Auckland
(December 2012)

15th rond tpp

View remarks by Dr. Cal Cohen

View statement by NZ business community

View joint statement by business representatives of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States

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Hon. David Huebner, U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand
(October 2012)

Reception, Dinner and Discussion

hon david hebner

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CSI Global Services Summit
(September 2011)

Coalition of Service Industries Co-Sponsored by the US | NZ Council

global services smmit

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Hon. Clayton Cosgrove NZ Labour Party Spokesperson for Commerce and Trade Negotiations
(August 2012)

Reception and Dinner Speech hon clayton cosgrove

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Hon. Shane Jones and Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, Co-Chairs of NZ-US Parliamentary Friendship Group
(July 2012)

Reception and Luncheon Speech

hon shane jone

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Bio of Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga

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David Hackett Fischer, author of Fairness and Freedom
(June 2012)

Reception, Discussion and Book-Signing at the Newseum
michael moore

With remarks by:

- Hon. Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

- Hon. Rick Larsen, U.S. Representative (D-WA)

- Rt. Hon. Mike Moore, NZ Ambassador to the United States

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Bio of David Hackett Fischer

Bio of Hon. Kurt Campbell

Bio of Rep. Rick Larsen

Bio of Amb. Mike Moore

Reviews of Fairness and Freedom

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10th Anniversary Conference of the NZUS Council
(May 2012)

Auckland, New Zealand 10th anniversary conference

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View speech by Rt. Hon. James Bolger

View speech by the Hon. Murray McCully

View speech by Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director, NZ US Council

View presentation by Bill Maroni, President, US | NZ Council

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Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Barbara Weisel
(May 2012)

Private Briefing on TPP Talks for the US | NZ Council

assistant .s trade rep

View article on Assist. USTR Barbara Weisel in NZ media

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Rt. Hon. James Bolger, former NZ Prime Minister
(March 2012)

Reception and Luncheon Speech

rt. hon. jame bolger

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